We created our Yard Management Solutions software to aid the problems in managing and tracking the movements of vehicles for all types of companies.

Problems in Yard Management Systems and this is our solution

Our Yard Management Software, helps people who have few problems that arises in the yard that companies need to take into consideration to effectively run their errands.


There are hundreds of people left who got injured in yards due to getting hit by big trucks and vehicles. A Yard Management System improves safety since people doesn’t need to walk around the yards to do manual check-ups. Furthermore, a YMS includes instrumentation on these vehicles that can track speed, safety practice, and service hours of the drivers of these trucks.


Yard Managers bring pen and paper in manually checking activities in the yard and they find it difficult to reconcile their findings with the previous checks.

Cost efficiency

Companies face problems like high demurrage costs, high detention fees for drivers, and less throughput without a yard management system.


A scattered and untimely process has been one of the problems of certain companies when doing manual checks and manual timing.

Yard Management Solutions

Due to the arising problems in yards and receiving docks as well as in delivering areas, Exotrac created multiple yard management services. These solutions vary from each other in terms of its functionalities and potentials in managing yard movements.

Aside from this, these yard management solutions were made to aid companies of different products like food and groceries, car parts, sodas, and many more goods and services.

Yard Management System

A Yard Management System is the typical and the first solution that a company should look into. A YMS is a cloud-based application, either Android or Web, built and integrated to help the managers of the yards track, oversee, and locate their current and moving assets.

The mentioned assets comprise of trailers, cargo, vehicles, office personnel, spotters, and security. A Yard Management System is initially implemented in a company to lower the cost of detention and the cost of demurrage as wells as to aid their personnel in keeping track of outbound and inbound consignment.

Yard Management Software Pro

Yard Management Software Pro or YardTrac Pro is advanced and enhanced yard management software created and offered by Exotrac. YardTrac Pro gives access to Global Positioning System-equipped portable scanning equipment in performing field functions in actual time.

This removes clipboards and walkie-talkies and increases precision, efficiency, and accuracy in securing the gate for ingoing and outgoing vehicles.

Yard Management Software Lite

Yard Management Software Lite or YardTrac Lite is built by Exotrac with simplicity in mind to decrease the cost of installment. It has 90 days free trial and performs normal functions that increase accountability and visibility and simply aids the arising problems in the yard.

Track Foward

Track Foward is made mainly to help yard managers in scheduling appointments and dock doors. Track Foward also gives managers the ability to trace the movements of their shipments from the yard or an open road.

Lot Tracking System

With storage facility and car agreement in mind, we created a Lot Tracking System that allows the users to request for trucks amid dealerships and storage docks which ensure the arrival of shipments.

Fleet GPS

The Global Positioning System or GPS Fleet is an application for tracking that provides multiple benefits to various businesses. It gives access to actual views of the position of vehicles, the speed of the truck, and a complete and immediate access to assets and drivers.


The mobile application for Inspection is commonly used by companies in documenting and acquiring the condition of their vehicles through a smartphone or tablet. It gives the necessary inspection tips and instructions for thorough and precise evaluation.

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